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Podcast CON Uk 2009, this is a tribute website to Podcastcon UK, he UK's First Podcasting Convention 2005 2006 and 2009?

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Europe's First Podcast Convention 2009

This web site will tell you all about the 2009 PodcastCON Uk event in 2009. Venue and date to be confirmed by our sponsor water coolers

However please register your interest with Paul Nicholls at paul@podcastpaul.com or Simon Hodgkinson at simon@bizcastnation.co.uk

Please let us have your feedback - this is a well used site, Newcastle airport parking let's all make a difference! and stay tuned.
The Cambridge Podcast / Podcast UK
Submitted by mcr34 on Wed, 2009-02-02 20:33. General Podcasting Discussion

A new way to hear independent music in cambridge university, and a new way to link universities with music podcasters together under one virtual roof..


This looks like one pretty cool thing!!
Submitted by aptmusic on Wed, 2009-02-02 16:30. General Podcasting Discussion

With it's own Business to Business, Insurance Replacement, Display Equipment and Retail Merchandising Divisions The Unicar Group works along side premier fleet management companies, blue chip insurers, major high street retailers and high 

Hi there

Well I'm a podcasting newbie (literally known about it for about 2 weeks and really looked at it since a quick meeting with Simon all of 2hours ago). Anyway, I'm very impressed from what I've seen so far and being a DJ myself (as well as the rest of the stuff I do!) I think I might just have to give this a go!

Well, look out for more from me, I'm busy with a lot of other stuff at the moment, but I might just MP3 some of my own radio shows from the local hospital for the first few! See what happens huh! Going to listen to some of the various shows out there when I get home!

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The Future of Podcasting
Submitted by vobes on Wed, 2009-02-02 10:37. General Podcasting Discussion

I have just been listening to Podcast Pauls latest production. Another excellent show! I do like your shows - I had it on whilst cleaning up and fiddling around the house. Paul, you are very listenable and to be honest if you keep the quality and the music selection up I would say - give me an hour. The show was over too quickly!

Unix provide a full NATIONWIDE fitting service on In Car Audio, Vehicle Security Systems, Navigation units Mobile Communications and a lot lot more. Let one of our specialist engineers come to you home or work address and carry out the install there.

Like with mine efforts (The Richard Vobes Radio Show - www.Vobes.com) - its the kind of show you shove on in the background whilst you work and can dip in and out of. You don't need to concentrate too hard and catch every word. I think thats a sign of good radio - its there to entertain you - but not force you to sit and and do nothing else.
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Submitted by paulnicholls on Tue, 2009-02-01 23:21. General Podcasting Discussion

I am not just saying this... but... wow!!

The quality of the UK / European stuff I am listeningf to (and of course the US stuff additionally) is just getting better and better.

I realised that my radio is redundant now because I have so many casts to listen to, they back up if I don't make the time.

One small comment though - we mustn't succumb to commercialism. I love the idea of being able to use someone with a trade who I know as a caster, because, as I listen more to them, I feel I know them and a certain amount of trust develops. That might just be me?

I'm crossing the boundary slightly by talking about my legal services - I'm actually happy to help people out free when I can and as long as I don't get inundated.
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Where are all the UK Podcasters?
Submitted by vobes on Sun, 2009-01-30 14:38.

It did take me a while to work out how to use it. How do i add to my blog? I can view it - but I can't seem to add anything to it - you know, should I want to!

Main question is - where are all the UK podcasters? How do we promote this in the Uk and encourage the great unwashed to pick up their ipods and MP3 players (should we not have just one term for these devices, like pod players or M players or something?) and download the podcasts?

Also - it would really help to get some kind of stats on the mp3 downloads to guage how many people are listening - whch shows they like?
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One day live podcasting!
Submitted by vobes on Sun, 2009-01-30 14:38.

How about this guys?

All the podcasters get together for a full day's live streaming event? Don't ask me how technically it would work - but, in essence, each podcaster has an allotted time - say 30 minutes to fill. And from all round the world, the podcasters log on the special stream at the apointed time and broadcast their show - 'live'!

Ok - it would be an internet only show and possibly only 24 hours in length - but wouldn't it be a great crack to have all the podcasters working towards one almight broadcast into one stream????

Richard Vobes
Add this feed?
Submitted by starfrosch on Sun, 2009-01-30 10:09. General Podcasting Discussion

hi master

can you please add this feed to your "podcast feeds" section?




Free Music for free people
Submitted by starfrosch on Sun, 2009-01-30 10:06.

At the Starfrosch Podcast you are listening to free and legal Netaudio tracks. All tracks in the audioblog are available for download, stream, podcast, RSS news or direct import to Webjay.
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Which one are you?
Submitted by simondrew on Sun, 2009-01-30 00:21.


NEW DRIVERS (17/11/09)
We have recently added two dedicated delivery drivers to our team.
Bruce – Who operates from the main Leeds distribution centre.
Andy – Who operates from our Long Eaton regional office.
Both Bruce & Andy are committed to providing you with a premier customer service ensuring that your orders are delivered in good condition & on time.
Please feel free to discuss any issues that you may have with these guys or indeed any products that you are having difficulty with both in supply & quality from other suppliers & they will try to help the best they can. If they are unable to help you on the spot they will refer back to one of our dedicated internal sales team who will be only too pleased to give you a call & discuss your requirements

Happy First Birthday Peter Cook International (15/11/09)
Today we are celebrating our first year of trading as the “new” Peter Cook.Thank you to all customers and staff who have been a part of a successful first year. Here's to many many more ppc management.

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