About PodcastCon

It started with PodcastCon UK 2005, which broke new ground as both Europe’s first podcasting conference and as the world’s first dedicated podcasting conference.

True to the independent spirit of podcasting, four people — who had never met in person — created a conference to bring together podcasters, enthusiasts, tech-watchers, the media and many others. It was a gathering as diverse as it was vibrant and entertaining.
What was originally envisioned as a handful of folks in a pub grew to a sponsored event in a posh London meeting room with 140 attendees gathered from all around the world. Live demos, speakers, and lots of social networking made it a day to remember.

PodcastCon Programme

The conference not only attracted people from all over the globe, but created a buzz online in the blogosphere, podosphere, and generated media coverage from The Guardian, Financial Times, The Times, the BBC, not to mention many regional and technology publications.

Following feedback from last year, PodcastCon 2006 will include more time for everyone attending to network, chat, discover and inspire each other. What’s more there’ll be top quality insight and discussion sparked by a sparkling array of panellists.

Finally, we also hope to have demos of techniques, kit and much more for those attending wanting hands-on advice.

PodcastCon remains a non-profit conference, run and organised by professionals who also happen to be podcasters. The aim of the conference is to bring together all those interested in podcasting, whatever their background, to share their knowledge and enthusiasm and to learn something new and inspire each other.

Book now and don’t miss the second annual PodcastCon - the only dedicated podcasting conference held in the UK this year.

When: Saturday 18 November 2006
Where: CCT Smithfield, London
Admission: £41.50
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* Jamie Riddell - Cheeze
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